Rentech Partners with Ningbo Sunways Technologies.

We are proud to announce that Rentech Renewable Technologies recently partnered with Sunways. This cutting-edge technology company focuses on developing, manufacturing, producing, and distributing on-grid and battery hybrid solar inverters and energy storage systems. The products and solutions are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, from small to megawatt scales. The Sunways inverters offered are all NRS097-2-1 certified.

Rentech is established within the AutoX battery group and has a robust track record as one of the preferred suppliers of solar products, backup power and load-shedding solutions. This track record extends further into batteries for material handling equipment and leisure vehicles and equipment.

The partnership with Sunways was a natural extension of Rentech’s solar product range, and looking into the future, the team is excited about new business opportunities and extensions.

Tomasz Grnyo, Head of Business Development for Sunways EMEA, commented: “Sunways is proud to have such a solid and well-known solar company as a representative in the Southern Africa region. We believe that this cooperation will help to develop and disseminate renewable technologies in this part of the world.”.

About Rentech

With over 20 years of experience, Rentech provides expert advice to assist its customers in achieving long-life renewable energy solutions.

Rentech’s products are of the highest quality and certified according to international standardization specifications. High-performance product options such as solar batteries, solar inverters, solar panels, and other load-shedding solutions, among others, come with specified warranties. Rentech’s range also includes batteries for golf carts and materials handling equipment.

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