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How a Modern Home Solar PV Works

An increasingly popular means of powering one’s home, how exactly do those solar panels positioned on your roo

6 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Compounded in South Africa by the anguish of being caught unprepared during a cycle of loadshedding, growing global pressure around sustainability and just how much we as a species consume means there are very few households around the world that haven’t had to reconsider the amount of energy absorbed on

Rentech Partners with Ningbo Sunways Technologies Co., Ltd

We are proud to announce that Rentech Renewable Technologies recently partnered with Sunways, a cutting-edge technology company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, producing, and distributing on-grid and battery hybrid solar inverters and energy storage systems.

What does the future hold?

At the Glasgow climate summit, South Africa announced that it had secured commitments for $8.5 billion in financing over the next five years from Britain, France, Germany, the United States and European Union to help install more clean energy and accelerate the country’s transition away from coal power. As the

Rentech furthering leopard conservation through major sponsorship

Renewable energy solutions provider Rentech’s sponsorship of 200 Rentech 6v, 4.5AH batteries and 5 Noco Genius Gen 2 chargers for the non-profit Cape Leopard Trust is set to contribute invaluably towards ensuring the long-term survival of leopard populations in the Cape region.   These batteries and chargers will be used in