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When it comes to buying a battery to power your golf cart, it is essential to note that you will not use just a single battery. You will need a combination of 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries.

Golf carts operate with a series of batteries that are designed to supply sufficient power. The size and power requirements are essential when buying replacement batteries. Outside of specialty carts, most carts operate on a 36V or 48V standard and need a series of cells to supply enough power.

The purpose of a golf cart battery is simply to provide the necessary power and energy for sports and holiday activities. These batteries need to be high quality with a long lifespan. They also need to be small and as light as possible.

Rentech Golf Cart Batteries ensure high performance in high and low temperature environments, provide you with a long life cycle power source and excellent deep cycle discharge ability. The batteries deliver excellent charge acceptance.

It is important that you maintain these batteries properly, keep them clean and check the wiring regularly for frayed cables and poor connections.

Use the correct charger and charge your golf cart batteries with the proper charger and plug. When using the batteries, do not let these batteries discharge completely. For flooded-cells, regularly top up the battery water to optimise its lifespan.

What do I ask about when shopping for golf cart batteries?

There are five properties to assess when you shop for batteries for your golf cart. These relate to the construction of the batteries, chemistry of the active materials and alloys used for the positive and negative electrodes:

  • Capacity
  • Deep discharge recovery
  • Good cyclability
  • Lifespan
  • Form factor (physical dimensions)

Selection table and technical documentation downloads

Product Description Voltage Ah Datasheet
GC6V-3-EVF-200 6V 200AH Golf Cart 6 200 Rentech LA Golf Cart Batteries.pdf
4-EVF-150 8V 150AH Golf Cart 8 150 Rentech LA Golf Cart Batteries.pdf
GC12V-6-EVF-105 12V 100AH Golf Cart 12 100 Rentech LA Golf Cart Batteries.pdf

Golf Cart Battery Charger Settings for Rentech AGM Golf Cart Batteries

Current Golf Cart Battery Pack Rentech Replacement Battery Charger Settings for Rentech AGM Replacement Battery Pack
36V: 6x 6V batteries 6x 6V: GC6V-3-EVF-200 44.4V constant voltage, 50A current limit, 8 hours
40V: 5 x 8V batteries 5x 8V: 4-EVF-150 49.3V constant voltage, 50A current limit, 8 hours
48V: 6 x 8V batteries 6x 8V: 4-EVF-150 59.2V constant voltage, 50A current limit, 8 hours
48V: 4 x 12V batteries 4x 12V: GC12V-6-EVF-105 59.2V constant voltage, 32A current limit, 8 hours