Solar batteries are designed to offer exceptional energy storage capacity and cycle life for off-the-grid energy sustainability.

Scrubbers (also termed sweepers) clean large work spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and production sites and electric scrubber-dryers are powered by batteries. These hyper effective cleaning machines come in the form of walk-behind or ride-on machines that are electrically-driven and equipped with simple cleaning tools such as brushes or mops.

Rentech batteries are ideally suited for electrically-driven scrubbers due to our lead-carbon technology which ensures high performance in high and low temperature environments, long lifecycle of the battery and excellent deep cycle discharge ability. Our batteries also deliver excellent charge acceptance and optimised instant high-current discharging.

All floor scrubbers have at least two features in common: a brush unit and a drying unit which both need a motor to work and, therefore, a power source. Given their widespread indoor use, the drive motors are

nearly always electric and powered by batteries.
Other industries such as the hospitality sector are adopting advanced scrubbers for enhanced quality and rapid cleaning. In fact the market for industrial scrubbers is estimated to grow by more than 8% to surpass 7,8 million by 2027 (Credit: Coherent Market Research 2020)

This growth in electrically-driven cleaning equipment will increase the demand for purpose-fit batteries to power this class of apparatus efficiently.

Industrial floor scrubbers with traction, for larger floor areas, are all battery powered. The greatest advantage of battery power is that there are no limits to movement. An industrial battery floor scrubber does not pollute and is operated with the only limit being the inherent capacity of the unit.

Selection table and technical documentation downloads

JPC 12-100AH12V 100AH Lead Carbon12100
Rentech Lead Carbon 100AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-12012V 120AH Lead Carbon12120
Rentech Lead Carbon 120AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-150AH12V 150AH Lead Carbon12150
Rentech Lead Carbon 150AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-200AH12V 200AH Lead Carbon12200
Rentech Lead Carbon 200AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-250AH12V 250AH Lead Carbon12250
Rentech Lead Carbon 250AH 12V.pdf