Rentech Sponsors Leopard Conservation


Renewable energy solutions provider Rentech’s sponsorship of 200 Rentech 6v, 4.5AH batteries, and 5 Noco Genius Gen 2 chargers for the non-profit Cape Leopard Trust is set to contribute invaluably towards ensuring the long-term survival of leopard populations in the Cape region.

These batteries and chargers will be used in June 2021 for 181 motion-sensor camera traps that will form a critical part of a large survey in the Overberg region to assess leopard distribution and ascertain density.  The camera traps are a predominant research tool in the Cape Leopard Trust’s efforts to monitor leopard movement.

The survey will extend from the Botrivier estuary to the western boundary of the De Hoop Nature

Reserve across the Agulhas Plain and will allow the organization to investigate that area’s leopard population status and identify any potential concerns for their long-term survival.

A service technician from Rentech will assist in an advisory capacity once a month by visiting the charge and storage site with recommendations to ensure the longevity of the batteries and maximum usage.

The Cape Leopard Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit organization engaged in the conservation of biological diversity. The organization conducts robust research to understand the leopard population dynamics and influence conservation policies.

Industrial Business Manager Gerrit Steyn says that the company’s support of the Cape Leopard Trust aligns with its efforts to further sustainable solutions in South Africa.

“Rentech isn’t only committed to creating viable and sustainable energy solutions for South Africans but also to furthering environmental sustainability.  It is, therefore, our honor and privilege to be able to support the Cape Leopard Trust in its endeavors.

“We trust that the supply of reliable batteries and chargers will greatly assist in ensuring that the camera traps can properly fulfill their intended function and contribute towards the sustainability of leopards in the Cape region.”

The Cape Leopard Trust CEO, Helen Turnbull, thanked Rentech for its support, noting that the batteries and chargers will prove critical in helping the organization in its conservation efforts.

“On behalf of the entire Cape Leopard Trust team, I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rentech and its team for their valuable donation of Willard batteries and chargers.

These batteries will ensure that we have an environmentally sustainable and reliable power source for each of these cameras.

“A project like this requires a huge investment of logistics and manpower, and the savings accrued 

The battery donation will help us finance this work. In addition, thanks to Rentech’s support, we will be able to transition to conducting more environmentally friendly research using your reliable and rechargeable batteries to power the camera traps.”

Turnbull notes that field cameras are one of the most effective tools for furthering modern conservation efforts. She says that diverse data can be accessed from these affordable and non-invasive tiny field cameras. In turn, this will contribute significantly to elusive species research as well as improved knowledge and management that will guide future policy development.

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