Rentech is able to assist with locomotive battery solutions.

The first industrial batteries in South Africa were imported from Oldham Batteries in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s, specifically for the use in battery-powered miners’ cap lamps. With the demand for industrial batteries rapidly increasing, Willard Africa started the first local manufacturing of lead-acid batteries for industrial applications.

Around the same time, the South African Railways introduced diesel-electric locomotives, and Willard Africa secured the supply of industrial batteries for 300 planned locomotives.

Almost 60 years later, Rentech that originated from the former Willard Africa stall (now AutoX) provides heavy duty industrial batteries for starting diesel railway locomotives and operation of a variety of on-board equipment such as backup power for lighting equipment and other railway systems.

Rentech industrial batteries are designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing long life. For more information about Rentech Locomotive batteries, please contact rentech@auto-x.co.za or 011 776 4300.