Gate Garage Door Motors

Gate & Garage Door Motors

Batteries are used to power gate and garage door motors.

Batteries are used to power gate and garage door motors. As a result, these batteries are continuously in operation and not only used in the event of a power failure. Typical “general purpose” batteries used for this market were not designed for regular use without recharging from the national grid power such as during the current load shedding grid “failures” and durations. Rentech provides a range of batteries suitable for use in these motors.

Back-up Power System Criteria

Batteries for gate and garage door motors have a lifespan of a number of years. The first sign that the battery is no longer providing sufficient power is when the door starts moving slower or when the door stops halfway between opening and closing. Please contact a professional garage door installer to assist in determining the condition of the battery.

Selection Table & Technical Documentation Downloads

6V-4.5AH6V 4.5AH64,5
Rentech GP 4.5AH 6V.pdf
NP2.3-1212V 2.3AH122,3Rentech GP 2.3AH 12V.pdf
NP7.2-1212V 7.2AH127,2Rentech GP 7.2AH 12V.pdf
12V-9AH12V 9.0AH129 Rentech GP 9AH 12V.pdf
RT12-1212V 12.0AH1212Rentech GP 12AH 12V.pdf
NP18-1212V 18.0AH1218Rentech GP 18AH 12V.pdf
NP45-1212V 45.0AH1245Rentech GP 45AH 12V.pdf