Back up Power

Back-up Power

With load shedding continuing to be a reality in the foreseeable future, the demand for back-up power solutions is increasing rapidly.

Back-up power solutions that can be connected to the electricity grid are ideal. In this scenario, when power from the National Electricity Supplier is available, batteries are charged and the system keeps it fully charged. The back-up power system then provides power in the event of a power outage.

The market is presented with several back-up power options, from generators to typical UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) systems and solar systems, or a combination of systems. Choosing the right back-up system for your requirements depends on many factors and parameters, some of which are listed below.

Back-up Power System Criteria

  • Noise-factor
  • Fume-factor
  • Automatic, easy switch-over system
  • Ability to run all required electrical appliances of the back-up system
  • Automatic recharging of the system once the national electrical power is restored
  • Mobility of the system
  • Low battery warning system
  • Automatic over-load protection
  • Ability to add more power onto the unit

It is worth noting that a UPS traditionally supplies power for a few minutes until a generator is started and (computer) equipment can be safely shut down, or the national energy grid is restored. For typical 2-hour load shedding power outages, a UPS with enhanced battery charging capability is required as well as large battery banks. Traditional UPS batteries were not designed for frequent cycling and solar batteries are more suitable. Rentech offers a range of UPS and batteries for UPS systems for household and office utilisation as well as back-up power for gate and garage door motors, and alarm and security systems.

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