Solar Inverters

A typical solar system consists of an inverter, batteries, battery charger, solar panels, solar charge controller (SCC) and the cables and protection equipment.

Solar Inverters use power electronics technology to convert Direct Current (DC) energy from batteries or photo-voltaic (PV) panels (the sun’s energy) into Alternating Current (AC) energy to power AC loads. This AC energy (e.g. 230V AC singly phase) can be utilised to power ordinary AC-powered equipment and appliances, or fed into the national electrical grid where permitted. Solar inverters are critical components in solar photovoltaic systems and are available in a variety of sizes and functions.
Some solar inverters have the solar charge controllers and battery chargers built-in. A solar charge controller such as a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), tracks the PV panel array’s output voltage and current to obtain maximum possible power from the PV array in any given environmental condition. While the battery charger controls both the charging and discharging of the batteries to enhance battery life.

Intelligent hybrid inverters for a complete solution

Rentech offers a range of solar inverters that
are classified into three main categories:

Stand-alone inverters used in isolated systems

Inverters draw DC energy from batteries charged by solar panels. The inverters also incorporate integral battery chargers to replenish battery energy from an AC source, if available.

Rentech solar inverter

Grid-tie inverters that match phase with a utility-supplied sine wave

For safety reasons, grid-tie inverters are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply. It does not provide backup power during utility outages.

Intelligent hybrid inverters for a complete solution

Inverters manage solar energy from photovoltaic arrays, battery storage and the utility grid, all of which are coupled directly to the unit. Rentech’s modern hybrid inverters incorporate all of the features needed to be used for grid-supported, stand-alone or backup applications. The inverters’ true function is self-consumption with the use of battery storage and to provide back-up power during grid failures.

On-off grid inverters that allow for export into the grid and/or off-grid operation

Inverters connected and synchronized to the utility supply that can also export energy into the utility supply, where permitted by the municipality or national service provider. Export can be limited to a selected power rating or to zero export where not permitted. When utility power fails, the inverter disconnects from the grid and continues to provide power to the off-grid load. Excess solar energy is exported on the AC import port to reduce power consumption from the utility and any excess over the local load can be exported to the utility, where permitted.

Rentech offers off-grid inverters from 12V up to 48V and 1kW up to 5kW, with some 5kW models that can be used in parallel for more power or 3 phase systems. Rentech also offers On/Off-grid battery hybrid inverters from 3kW single phase to 20kW 3 phase, with parallel capability, built in remote monitoring and matching lithium battery packs, as well as grid-tie string inverters from 6kW single phase to >100kW 3 phase.

Selection Table & Technical Documentation Downloads

Rentech Inverter Type Sine wave AC output power Battery Voltage Solar Charge Controller PV operating voltage range PV max voltage Max. PV array power Parallel operation Data sheets Manuals
PPS 750 Portable Power Supply Pure 500Wac +12Vdc +USB Internal Internal 12.5-25V 25V 125W PPS PRIME750-Portable-Power
JAGUAR 1.2K-12 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Modified 1.2kVA/ 720W 12V PWM 15V-18V 40V 600W No Rentech Inverter 1.2KVA 12V PWM NP.pdf Jaguar_manual.pdf
JAGUAR 1.2K-12 IN BBOX UPS, no solar charger Modified 1.2kVA/ 900W 12V N/A N/A N/A N/A No Rentech Inverter Battery Box 1.2KVA 12V AND 2.4KVA 24V-V2 TBD
VP 12V 1K-12 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Pure 1kVA/ 1kW 12V PWM 15V-18V 55V 600W No Rentech Inverter 1KVA 12V PWM NP.pdf Rentech Axpert V_manual.pdf
JAGUAR 2.4K-24 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Modified 2.4kVA/ 1.44kW 24V PWM 30V-32V 60V 1350W No Rentech Inverter 2.4KVA 24V PWM NP.pdf Jaguar_manual.pdf
JAGUAR 2.4K-24 IN BBOX UPS, no solar charger Modified 2.4kVA/ 1.8kW 24V N/A N/A N/A N/A No Rentech Inverter Battery Box 1.2KVA 12V AND 2.4KVA 24V-V2 TBD
VM 3K-24 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Pure 3kVA/ 2.4kW 24V MPPT 30V-80V 102V 1300W No Rentech Inverter 3KVA 24V MPPT NP.pdf Rentech Axpert V_manual.pdf
ORYX 5K-48 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Pure 5kW/ 5kVA 48V MPPT 120-430V 450V 5000W Up to 9, single or 3 phase Rentech Inverter Oryx 5KVA 48V MPPT P.pdf Rentech Inverter Oryx 5K 48 manual.pdf
VMII 5K-48 Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Pure 5kW/ 5kVA 48V MPPT 120-450V 500V 5000W No Rentech Inverter VMII 5KVA 48V MPPT NP.pdf TBA
INFINI V 5K-48 On/Off-Grid, Battery hybrid Pure 5kW/ 5kVA 48V 2x MPPT 60V-115V 145V 2x3000W Up to 9, single or 3 phase Rentech Inverter 5KVA 48V 2MPPT P.pdf. Rentech InfiniSolar V 1KW-5KW manual.pdf
INFINI PLUS 5K-48 On/Off-Grid, Battery hybrid, NRS097 Pure 5kW/ 5kVA 48V 2x MPPT 250V-850V 900V 2X5000W Up to 9, single or 3 phase Rentech Inverter INF PLUS 5KVA 48V InfiniSolar-Plus-5KW-manual.pdf
WIFI BOX Axpert/Infini Remote Monitoring Rentech Inverter and WiFi box Installation guide.pdf
HYD 5000-EP On/Off-Grid, Battery hybrid, NRS097 Pure 5kW/ 5kVA 48V 2x MPPT 90-580V 600V 2x3500W Up to 6 Rentech-Inverter-HYD-5k-EP