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Leisure vehicles such as 4X4 off-road vehicles, camping trailers and caravans are dependent on purpose-fit batteries.

Rentech is a foremost supplier of a range of batteries for leisure applications. These include power sources that ensure high performance, long lifecycle of the battery and excellent deep cycle discharge ability.

Leisure battery technology differs from standard car battery technology as it is optimised to handle the loads and patterns of use that are common in these applications. These batteries are typically based on deep-cycle technology or standby power technology, especially those used to power modern electrical camping equipment.
In contrast to a standard starter battery, a leisure battery must provide a steady flow of current over a longer period of time and it recharges when the voltage level has fallen substantially. Such batteries should not be used or left to the point of complete discharge as this causes damage and shortens the lifespan significantly.
A good quality leisure battery is designed for a life of repeated cycles and to withstand some limited over-discharge service abuse.

Rentech Lead Carbon 100Ah 12V
Rentech Lead Carbon 200Ah 12V

Batteries for leisure vehicles and equipment feature the following:

  • Capability to store energy and cycle at certain levels
  • Ability to discharge deeply without causing damage
  • Capacity to charge quickly
  • Operational ability under partial state of charge

Selection table and technical documentation downloads

Product Description Voltage Ah Datasheet
JPC 12-100AH 12V 100AH Lead Carbon 12 100 Rentech Lead Carbon 100AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-120 12V 120AH Lead Carbon 12 120 Rentech Lead Carbon 120AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-150AH 12V 150AH Lead Carbon 12 150 Rentech Lead Carbon 150AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-200AH 12V 200AH Lead Carbon 12 200 Rentech Lead Carbon 200AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-250AH 12V 250AH Lead Carbon 12 250 Rentech Lead Carbon 250AH 12V.pdf