Solar Installations

Solar systems need to be properly installed, meeting required specifications and regulations to deliver optimum results and be safe. Improper installations could lead to damages and injuries and at the same time, do not deliver the required performance. Importantly, solar installations are subject to applicable SANS (South African National Standards)

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Solar Solutions

Solar energy is clean and safe and its source is free. We have an endless source of solar power in South Africa. As one of the most abundantly available, renewable energy resources, solar power has gained significant ground in the energy sector in recent years. Solar energy can be utilised

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Solar Inverters

A typical solar system consists of an inverter, batteries, battery charger, solar panels, solar charge controller (SCC) and the cables and protection equipment. Solar Inverters use power electronics technology to convert Direct Current (DC) energy from batteries or photo-voltaic (PV) panels (the sun’s energy) into Alternating Current (AC) energy to

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Solar PV Panels

A solar photovoltaic (PV) panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a metal framework for easy installation. The PV cells capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. The majority of PV modules are comprised of water-based crystalline silicon cells that must be protected from

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Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are designed to offer exceptional energy storage capacity and cycle life for off-the-grid energy sustainability. Solar batteries form part of a solar system and are charged with energy captured by solar panels or from the grid. The sun’s energy is converted to Direct Current (DC) energy which is

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