Lifting Equipment

Warehouses and storage facilities require powerful lifting equipment for operational and maintenance work and procedures. Modern lifting equipment, powered by electric motors, are used to safely handle, move, lift and store loads of goods both at low and high elevations, and also to maintain fitted lighting and fire-fighting equipment. Lifting

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Solar batteries are designed to offer exceptional energy storage capacity and cycle life for off-the-grid energy sustainability. Scrubbers (also termed sweepers) clean large work spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and production sites and electric scrubber-dryers are powered by batteries. These hyper effective cleaning machines come in the form of

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Forklifts are integral equipment in logistics and warehouse management operations. An increasing demand for reliability of these vehicles ignited a move towards electrically operated forklifts that require quality and long-lasting batteries. In addition to powering a forklift, the battery must provide a counterweight to the forklift, aiding the equipment’s lifting

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